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How to Turn Your Fashion Brand into a Killer Marketing Tool

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What is that magic something that other successful brands have that you don’t have? If the  thought of grabbing attention, making connections, and creating flawless marketing is giving you nightmares it’s time to reign it in and lock it down. Your verbal and visual brand needs love, but how?

Don’t worry. I got you. After five years of running a formidable brand experience development studio, I’ve crafted hundreds of brands that go on to create insane marketing campaigns. I’m going to dish about the secret brand development work big fashion companies employ to create killer marketing that attract and keep their customers. Grab a pen, get a paper, it’s about to get real.

Brand Building Secret #1 – Tapping into Your Audience

Your brand is the foundation of your marketing. And, your brand isn’t just your logo. The core building block of an amazing brand, and ultimately perfect marketing, is your audience. So what should you do first?

  • Get to know them.
  • Truly understand them.
  • Gut check yourself.
  • Do you know what they care about most?

If the answer is “NO,” congrats! You’ve just identified one of your biggest brand and marketing problems. Lucky for everyone, it’s a common, it’s fixable, and you don’t need to panic.

Your audience is a wealthy resource of pure knowledge, raw emotion, and real grit. They’re the ones you’re really serving, so talk to them. And better yet? They’re always ready to tell you what they think, (good, bad, and ugly). Gathering information from them is a breeze. Most businesses are terrified of this step, so they skip it. Don’t be like them. You’re not like most businesses.