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Going Global Part III: Penetrate the Global Market and Expand Your Fashion Business

Part III of Going Global is the really fun part. At this stage you’ve researched your ideal regions to target and the infrastructure you need to ship. Now in this next phase you get to play and envision how your brand will take on identity in this new market. Who will be experiencing your brand? How will your brand be perceived? What does your new customer care about? Lets dive in.


Retail Report: Kai D. Flagship Store in Brooklyn

Kai D.’s store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is what a flagship should be. In fact, it’s more. As mentioned in Retail Report: A Look at the Club Monaco Flagship Store in New York, the intention of a flagship is to provide a shopping environment that is the most impressive physical representation of who the brand is and what they have to offer. Kai D. elevates this concept.


3 Simple Steps to Grow Your Wholesale Fashion Business Through Merchandising Strategy

We often forget that a big part of what makes a successful brand is what happens behind the scenes in understanding your customer, creating profitable assortments, and understanding your sales history. By taking time to develop important skills such as a merchandising strategy, you can start to make a difference in getting one step closer to that dream account.

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