Fashion Marketing

6 Key Tips for Navigating Influencer Contracts

influencer contracts fashion businessIn the fashion world, it’s now hard to ignore the world of influencer marketing. Even if you haven’t already tried this marketing strategy for your own brand, no doubt you’ve seen it take hold of the industry. Influencer marketing does great things for the brands that are invested in creating a successful, influence-based campaign.

But influencer marketing doesn’t come without its fair share of misconceptions and miscommunication. This can, unfortunately, result in damaged relationships and sometimes very few positive outcomes from a potentially expensive campaign.

Most of the time the success of an influencer marketing campaign is determined in the communication strategy and the contract. Without a strong communication stream and a clearly defined contract, clearly defined goals are not established. This only leads to frustration for both the brand and the influencer. So, to ensure that your next campaign goes smoothly, here are a few tips to follow: (more…)