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3 Keys to Writing Optimized Titles and Headers

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Why Does Optimization Matter?

Search engine optimizers will tell you over and over that a well-optimized blog is the closest thing to a golden ticket for your website. Blogs are especially effective at driving traffic via organic searches. Fashion brands often take that advice to heart and start creating blog content with little to no strategy. And while the topics may be relevant to the audience, the optimization of those blog posts fall by the wayside. On paper, your blog posts appear to be underperforming.

This leaves business owners wondering if the time and effort spent on blogging was really worth it. This is too bad since the lack of results is really just due to a lack of strategy.

A key to getting real results is to write optimized titles and headers that will increase your rankings in search engines. Of course, the bulk content of your blog post is essential too. However, it’s the optimization of those titles and H1 tags that can make all the difference. These will really help drive qualified, organic traffic to your website. (more…)