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4 Tips for Starting Your Own Fashion Mastermind Group

fashion mastermind group

Once upon a time three internet friends, each entrepreneurs in the fashion industry, were successfully growing their businesses. Tasks were getting done and growth was happening, but they each felt like something was missing.  All three of them were part of their own  fashion communities and liked being so, but they realized that they were looking for something in addition to a community; something more close-knit, a smaller group of trusted colleagues where they could comfortably share their ideas, frustrations, and needs.

Then they had an epiphany.

They realized that they had been informally helping one another whenever they could with the inevitable problems that come up when running a business. And that, if they put some structure around this help, they would each see incredible growth in their businesses while simultaneously helping the other two to grow as well.

It was a classic win-win-win situation and they happily set out to make it happen.

The end.

Well, sort of. A lot more goes into it than that.

These three friends are me, Shannon Lohr (Factory45), and Lorraine Sanders (Pressdope). And our epiphany was the moment that we realized that we could create an intimate group of business confidants, that guided, suggested, and gave feedback to one another in a safe space.

It would be a group we could trust with business ideas, a group we could collaborate with, a group we could present seriously stupid ideas to and not get laughed at but instead guided in the right direction.

We became best business buddies and it’s awesome.

And we decided that we want to share what we did, why we did it, and how we did it, with you. So that you can do it too.


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