How Celebrity Product Placement Can Grow Your Business

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Have you thought much about celebrity product placement? It one of those things that we all think “oh, that would be awesome” but then tend to dismiss as being too much of a challenge and not knowing where to start.

The thing is, product placement with celebrities can be a very powerful thing for you brand. Though it may seem like more than you are able to take on right now, implementing goals and strategies within your PR plan for product placement will payoff in the long run.

Why Celebrity Product Placement Should Be Part of Your PR Plan

  • Celebrity Testimonial- The existing obsession over celebrity culture is something that you as a fashion business owner can surely take advantage of. Consumers look to celebrities for style inspiration and a declaration of what’s “cool”. You want to be part of that declaration.
  • Millions of Eyeballs {potential buyers}- The potential press coverage that could come of having your work photographed on a celebrity can give you weeks worth of content and thousands of potential website visitors. Document everything and create a plan for sharing.
  • Industry Cred- When approaching a buyer or editor, having celebrity collateral in your media kit it very powerful. It’s not only consumers who are influenced by celebrity endorsements.

But a lot goes into getting your work in front of celebrities. I’m sure you’re wondering:

  • How do I get my work in the hands of a celebrity?
  • Once I do, then what? How do I fully leverage that win in my business?
  • What about things like gifting suites? Are they worth it?
  • How do I get my work in TV and movies? Is that the same as celebrity product placement?

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Having formerly worked with brands including Sergio Rossi, Vionett, Emilio Pucci, and Marni, Jessica has amazing insight into the world of celebrity product placement and is will sharing her secrets with you!

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