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How to Create a Visual Brand Strategy for Your Fashion Business

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As a fashion business, you know how important visuals are. Often it’s the first impression your customers get of you – and you make a visual impact for your brand every day:

  • Instagram posts
  • One sheet
  • Lookbook
  • Emails to your customer list
  • Packaging
  • Kickstarter video
  • Hang tags
  • Garment tags
  • The photo of you or your team on your website
  • Heck, all the photos on your website
  • The invitations to your launch party
  • And even how you’re dressed when you walk into a boutique that sells your garments. (I once heard a woman say she always wears the same striped dress when she gives talks because it helps people remember her.)

As a fashion business, you have a head start in mastering your visual branding. You’re already focused on developing a cohesive collection that fits into your brand’s history and your clothes are always speaking for your brand. But it’s not enough to let it stop there.

“Great!” you say, “But HOW?!”

Figure out who your ideal customer is.

You have probably worked some of this out either in your business plan or something less formal that serves the same purpose. Remember that your visual brand is supposed to attract your customer, not represent you personally. (That’s especially difficult if you’re a one-person show, but even then there’s a difference!)

Here are some questions to ask yourself about your ideal customer:

  • The basics: How old are they? What is their gender(s)? What are their life circumstances (married, single, kids, job)?
  • Where do they live? In the heart of the city? Far from an urban center? In your city? Farther afield?
  • Where else do they shop? At local boutiques? In person? Online?
  • What do they want/need from your business? Why would they choose it over a similar business? As you answer this, ask yourself “does that really make my business different?” For instance, you could say that your brand is high quality – but so many brands will say that! Dig deeper by asking why. Why are your jeans high quality? Because you use American-manufactured Cone Mills denim dyed with 100% natural plant indigo.


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