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Maker’s Row Offers New Services for Emerging Designers

Maker's Row

Over a year ago, we told you all about Maker’s Row, a resource for emerging designers to source domestic production and manufacturing for collections.  No doubt, you’ve continued hear their name as the business has grown to become one of the most exciting new platforms in the fashion industry.

Recently, we learned that Maker’s Row is now offering premium access for designers who are serious about sourcing and building relationships with domestic factories.

So what does that mean? In addition to building a brand profile, organizing your factory communications, and having access to the factory database, you…

  • Have access to “Advanced Search“, which allows you to sort your search by location, ratings, popularity, and all kinds of other stuff. Very helpful.
  • Get “Premium Status” added to your brand profile which essentially let’s you cut to the front of the line when it comes to communicating with factories and suppliers. Sweet deal.
  • Are invited to exclusive events, both online and offline, that will help to grow and improve your business.  Always a good thing.

Working out the logistics of the production side of your fashion business is never an easy task. So check out Maker’s Row, especially if your a StartUp FASHION member, as you get 50% off your first year of Maker’s Row membership!

StartUp FASHION members, access your discount here.

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Designer Resource: Portland Garment Factory

Looking to put your new line into production? “We got your back.” ‘We’ refers to Rosemary Robinson and Britt Howard of the Portland Garment Factory, a hip independent manufacturing house in Oregon.

Portland Garment FactoryAnd they really do have your back! After experiencing difficulties finding local resources for production work (most options are in New York, Los Angeles, or overseas) Howard was inspired to take matters into her own hands. PGF was born in 2008, and is now a favorite of local clients as well as designers from other big cities.  And for good reason, Portland Garment factory is definitely not a ‘factory’ in the typical sense.

The company offers the basics such as sales samples, size grading and of course production, but the range of services goes far beyond that. They offer a graphic design service for branding, identity creation, and copywriting.

If you need something that cannot be done at the factory, they can still hook you up. PGF has connections with a vast range of subcontractors, including sources for  screen-printing, embroidery, tags, dye houses, fulfillment warehouses, and even patent attorneys. The minimum is low, starting at 20 pieces per style, with the maximum capping at 5,000 pieces. This combined with top quality and complete service makes it ideal for designers just starting out!

While production work for designers is the main priority, the company at heart is a community of artists in their own right. For the three-year anniversary of PGF, they are currently in the process of launching their own line, a contemporary womenswear collection called Houseline. Traditional American style provides the inspiration for the line. The goal is to create classic pieces that stand the test of time in terms of durability as well as design. The collection recently debuted at the self-produced “House Show” on October 22nd.

For more information and ordering, visit check out their website

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New York City’s Apparel Production Inc. Garment Factory Tour

Being based in New York City makes us quite lucky. We get to explore and report on the city’s historic garment district. A few weeks ago, we were generously offered a tour of a factory called Apparel Production Inc., which we happily and excitedly accepted.

Check out a quick clip of our tour:

Apparel Productions works with independent designers and claims to offer the following:

  • Flexible minimums
  • Short lead times
  • Pattern making
  • Cutting
  • Sample making
  • Production

Apparel Production Inc. - NYC

You can check out more photos of the factory on a Flickr Page. If you’re interested in learning more or possibly setting up an appointment you can contact Lawrence Roman.