Developing Social Media Content Best Practices

As you build your brand, you probably know that the best way to promote your company is through social media. I’m sure that many of you are doing this already. If you’re like me, I bet there are times when you ask yourself “what should I say or what photos should I post?” As they say, “content is king” and what you as a designer can provide is your own inspiration, background and insider scoop that no one else can provide. As you begin to develop content, you should consider some best practices to build your brand in a positive light so you can be effective and admired.

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I decided to write this post because in my search through various platforms, I’ve seen many start up brands not optimize their content and even some that portray their brand in a way that may not be deemed professional. Here’s are tips to consider as you generate your social media content:

1.  Balance self-promotion with a breadth of topics 

Self-promotion is good and I can’t stress how important it is to get your brand out there in front of your consumer and the industry. At the same time, too much of a hard sell will disengage your audience. Consumers are savvy and they have been desensitized with pushy salesmanship. Your content should focus on a breadth of topics because people want variety. For example, if you are a handbag designer, you should talk about handbags, but remember to talk about your lifestyle and include information like inspiration, what’s happening in your neighborhood, or even in your studio.

2. Watch out for repeat content

I often see designers post the same content on Facebook or Twitter frequently. Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to share a great press piece or a celebrity placement, but at some point, there’s also wear out. When you re-post an image or piece of news, try giving the content a frame of reference such “a year ago today” or “throw back” as it tells your audience why you’re doing it. If you find yourself repeating the same content, think about leveraging pop culture events, seasonality or products you’re working on to engage people.

3. Remember that grammar counts

We’ve all made typos and it’s understandable. Or, if you have the iPhone auto-correct feature, who knows what can get misconstrued! However, it’s crucial to do a once over to make sure you sound intelligent and well-versed in your messages. Potential customers and business partners don’t just want a designer, they also want to work with smart entrepreneurs. Another thing to watch out for is multiple exclaimation points. I only point this out because in my Twitter stream, I see this done too often. Again, it’s understandable to get excited (we’re ecstatic for you too), but one is good enough!

4. Content should be Professional versus Personal

Remember that your content should be professional. It’s okay to give your audience a peak into your world, but ask yourself these questions to help guide your decision on whether your content blurs the lines:

  1. Will it help build your brand image?
  2. Does the content make a stronger connection with your target?
  3. Are you posting information that will inspire?

As with anything, these rules aren’t black and white, but simply considerations for developing strong, professional content that will elevate your brand.



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    “3. Remember that grammar counts “Another thing to watch out for is multiple explanations points.”

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