How to Take Advantage of Livestreamed Fashion Events

StartUp FASHION - Met Gala

This past week, the Metropolitan Museum of Art announced some very special news: for the first time, they will Livestream the red carpet arrivals of their annual Costume Institute Gala on May 7, from 6-8pm. This event marks the opening of their spring exhibit, Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations that explores the similarities of these two designers. Like most red carpet events, there will be a parade of elite that will walk the red carpet. Last year we saw everyone from Anna Wintour (she’s the Elective Trustee of The Met), Beyonce and Jay-Z, the latest Hollywood starlets and fashion icons like Daphne Guinness, wear the most striking and talked about pieces.

This is just another example of how the fashion industry is giving access to the masses for a peak inside to an exclusive event. So what does this mean for you? As a designer, it’s an opportunity to be involved in a fashion event with your peers and network. As we always like to stress, being up on popular culture, events and of course, anything in the fashion industry can help you break in and stay relevant. And, if you think about it, some of the top editors, bloggers, retailers and personalities will surely be tuning in.

How do you take advantage of this fashion opportunity? Whether you are in New York or not, design beautiful ready-to-wear pieces or don’t, here are some ways to be a part of the night:

1. Announce your attendance: Let your network know that you’ll be on Twitter and Livestream watching the event. This way, your fans and followers can join in on the conversation. And, if you really want to get clever, you can send out a save the date to make the night even more special.

2. Look for hashtags and trending topics: Vogue’s William Norwich and Elettra Wiedemann are the hosts of the evening and will be conducting interviews and asking questions from viewers that submit questions via Twitter using the #MetQuestions hashtag. We’re sure their will be more hashtags to come, so be sure you see what’s trending on Twitter and use these topics when you tweet.

3. Provide your point-of-view: This is a major fashion event in New York, where those that were able to get an invite will wear anything from the avant-garde to the theatrical and classically beautiful. Either way, we’re sure you will have an opinion on it and so will your network. It’s your opportunity to talk about what you like and show your design expertise.

4. See if there’s an opportunity to market your product: Either during the live stream or post-event, dig deep to see if you can market your designs with an easy and creative sell. Ask yourself whether your designs lend themselves to a look that can be recreated or a trend from the carpet in terms of fabrication, silhouettes or even color. This is where you may have to creative, but this is the best part! For example, a celebrity may be wearing a great clutch, but your design could fit too. If so, show her side by side with yours.

5. Create a post event recap: You can share a recap with your fans via your blog, Pinterest (create a board now) or even by creating an image to post to Facebook. This can include anything from photo summaries, your own review or an overview of the trends. Oh, and once you have your recap, make sure you put that content on each one of your social platforms!

The Met Gala is just one of many events that are coming up this spring. We’re particularly excited about this one because it is the kick off to a wonderful exhibit that merges historical fashion with an icon from today. Be sure to check it out if you are in New York this season. The exhibit opens on May10, and runs through August 19.


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