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Organic Yarn Company No More

Organic Fiber conesToday I heard some sad news in the textile universe.  Vermont Organic Fiber has gone under.  The company has been supplying organic wool yarn and fabric to the apparel industry since the year 2000.  But in this economy, they just couldn’t stay afloat.  As we all know, textiles are something that should, nay need, to be touched in order to be truly appreciated.  So I imagine it was quite difficult to sell these products online and still manage to entice buyers to pay a percentage more for organic. I mean,  when they aren’t experiencing the true hand of the fabric or yarn, why would they? I’m sure that’ s not the main reason the company didn’t last but I’m wiling to bet it had some impact.  So, what do you think?  Were you a customer of Vermont Organic?  Is this hitting you hard?  Where do you plan to turn for your organic yarns?