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Tech packs are those things we’re all pretty sure we need to give to our factories but aren’t quite sure what they entail.

You don’t want to wing it with this one. The wrong info in your tech pack could mean the wrong finished sample.

Tech packs are an important fashion business tool when you’re communicating your designs and specifications to your sample maker and factory.

The more detail you can give them, the less room for mistakes. The clearer you make your requests, the less likely there will be misinterpretations. The more you have in writing, the less likely you’ll be financially responsible for fixes.

This Tool Kit includes:

  • A detailed, industry- standard tech pack template that allows you to add your logo, season, sketches, and product specifications.
  • A sample template tech pack created with dummy info and images to show you what a finished tech pack should look like
  • A very detailed user’s manual showing you exactly how to use the template


IMPORTANT: This template is created in Microsoft Excel and an understanding of how to use Excel by either you or someone on your team is required.  We do not offer technical support for navigating Microsoft Excel.

2 reviews for Tech Pack Template

  1. A.Z

    Your information regarding the TECH Pack were simply amazing and wonderful, you are giving the new comers into the apparel, readymade garments and services a huge amount of cheering up to be moving on with self trust and confidence that we all need to achieve a successful career as well as products and services to the end user
    Thanks for the efforts you have been preparing for the development of the sector of textile industry and the involved people.

  2. Regana Bracey

    This information takes the guesswork out

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