Join Nicole Giordano, founder of StartUp FASHION, in conversation with Alana Oates, founder of Llani Shoes and Mary Alice Duff, founder of Alice Alexander, about…

  • the highs and lows of fashion entrepreneurship
  • what it’s like to launch and grow a fashion brand today
  • how to realistically approach fashion business on your terms

Come to listen, learn, and grow.


Experience an intimate discussion with two experienced fashion entrepreneurs. Real talk.

Engage and connect with fellow designers and other Philly-based industry folks.


Llani, a globally-inspired shoe collection, is the result of a partnership between a seasoned shoe designer, Alana Oates, and a coterie of immensely talented artisans & craftsmen she has met while working in India. Alana has over ten years of accessories design experience, helming the women’s shoe collections for independent and major retailers.


Alice Alexander is led by designer and founder Mary Alice Duff. Originally launched in September 2017 out of the third floor of Mary Alice’s Philadelphia home with nothing but a handful of patterns, fabrics, a simple sewing machine and internet connection, Alice Alexander has now expanded into a fast-growing business with customers around the world.