10 Twitter Tips For Marketing Your Fashion Brand

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The top ten things your brand should always consider when starting, strategizing and optimizing your channel strategy for Twitter:

  • Listen: First and foremost your brand should set up a listening station to listen each day to what’s going on the Twittersphere. It’s important to listen not only to what your followers are saying, but also regarding brand mentions industry news, competitive insights, and more.
  • Pick the right Tool: Before a brand can listen properly, it’s helpful to have the right tool to listen simply yet efficiently. A couple quick tools which are free to utilize for listening to one handle are Tweetdeck and Hootsuite. Best part about Hootsuite are the analytics if you are willing to spend a little more than free.
  • Utilize Lists; Making and following lists are helpful in listening more easily on Twitter too. For example it may help to have a list made of all your competitions’ handles, the influencers in your category, loyal followers, and industry experts.
  • Capitalize on Hashtags: Hashtags are not only another great listening tool, but they are a great way to interject in a conversation with valuable content. First you can listen to key hashtags in your industry, event hashtags, so on and so forth. Then, you can interject with valuable advice, product info, and/or lead the conversation to your website (if and only if it’s valuable to the conversation at hand).
  • Utilize your Twitter Real Estate: Don’t underestimate the power of your Twitter real estate. It allows for a cool background which can be picturesque and/or should other brand traits such as links to other social channels, websites, etc. Don’t forget the ability to pin tweets in order to have a specific Tweet take priority over others on your Twitter brand page.
  • Have a conversation: When listening, following lists, search terms and hashtags, it’s important to remember to take the time to answer questions, comment, and contribute valued content to your followers and “soon-to-be” followers. Use a brand hashtag to corral conversation in order to answer questions faster, and show your followers you care. Rather than tweeting out brand content every Tweet, humanize the brand with some casual conversation about the industry too.
  • Mentions vs. DMs: It is easy to spin off in a conversation back n’ forth – but sometimes it’s better to take the conversation to a DM, rather than overflowing the Twitter stream with the back n’ forth – unless it’s valuable for all to hear.
  • Replies vs. Mentions: Be mindful that if you @reply a person, only the followers of your brand and the person you reply to will see this Tweet in their streams. In order for others to see this tweet in their stream insert something prior to the @reply and problem solved. For example many will place a “.” prior to it.
  • Follow Back: Show you value your followers, especially the loyal ones – follow back. Simple as that.
  • Have a Content Strategy: Some brands tweet whatever is relevant that day – a sale, a product, a holiday. Although this may be relevant at times, it is much smarter to have a content strategy for your social channels which aligns with your marketing objectives. Example: Focus on your campaigns, content themes, and create tweets ahead of time which fit the goals of your objectives. Of course, leave room for real time tweets and replies, which cannot be predicted ahead of time.
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