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4 Classic Marketing Tactics That Still Hold Value in 2019

classic marketing tactics

The combination of the words “classic” and “marketing” is about as ironic as it gets. The strategy of marketing is known for being cutting edge and innovative, but sometimes you can’t discount the classics.

If you’re looking to revamp your fashion marketing strategy for 2019, there are four classic tactics that should be considered in your quest to find what resonates with your audience.

Direct Mail

While marketing-based direct mail may seem antiquated, the mail system is as reliable as ever. If a promotional letter, brochure or catalog is sent to a recipient it’s all but guaranteed to be delivered. From sales and coupons to seasonal catalogs, brands still rely on the USPS to deliver well-branded, marketing-based materials.

In 2019 the emphasis for direct mail campaigns will be to provide value and exclusive content to those on the mailing list. A few brands pull this off really well. For example, Anthropologie sends a seasonal catalog with well-styled images and information about the pieces that have yet to hit the retail market. Another example is Warby Parker, the well-known, at-home glasses service. They send occasional direct mail pieces promoting their new styles and latest promotions. (more…)