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4 Abandoned Cart Tactics to Improve Conversion

abandoned cart tactics fashion ecommerce

Your customer adds a few items to their shopping cart and then hesitates. They open up a few other tabs, do a little more research, and then *POOF.* They abandon their cart, for one reason or another. Why? And what can you do to overcome abandoned carts and get your customer to make the purchase?

When it comes to improving your sales, abandoned cart tactics are one of the top tools you can use. You have already gotten their attention, they’ve already even picked out what they want to buy–basically, they’ve made it almost all the way down the funnel before they abandon their cart. It’s the lowest hanging fruit you can tackle to improve conversion.

First, determine why your customers are abandoning their cart.

Before changing anything, you will want to make some educated guesses about why people leave at the last minute. Here are a couple very common reasons you’ll often see with e-commerce websites: (more…)