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Getting Your Fabrics On Demand

Fabrics On DemandNo minimums. Magic words.  Also practically impossible to find in the fashion world.  At least it is when it comes to custom printed textiles.  As a small to midsized business in the design industry it’s often difficult (or should I say impossible) to meet that 1000yd yard minimum that so many mills require.  You’ve got your heart set on a pattern but where are you going to have 5 yards for samples produced, right?  Fabrics On Demand seems like a good option.

I was stumbling along on Twitter, connecting with all sorts of new industry folks and there they were- a designer’s dream come true.   I think the idea is great; market not only to the home sewer but also these fresh young design labels that need flexibility in the early stages of business.  The process seems pretty easy.  Go to their web site, upload your design, choose a fabric quality (they currently offer cottons , linen, poly, lycra, fleece), choose your layout, place your order. Plus, a seven day turn around.  Not bad.

The whole idea has sparked my interest and I am thinking about ways to utilize this convenient service in my own endeavors.  Now, if they would only offer organic fabrics…