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The Social Side of Textiles

Social Side of TextilesThose of us not living under a rock have become acutely aware of the major overflow of social media in today’s world; not only on the personal level but also on the professional level.  Well, at least on most professional levels. I mean,  is it just me, or have you also noticed the complete reluctance of the Textile Industry to adopt social media practices? Yes, some of us are doing our part; we here at StartUp FASHION feel a good bit of pride when we think about what we are trying to accomplish with our blog but, really, it’s just a start.

How many of you fabric businesses, both big and small, are embracing things like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or StumbleUpon?   How much of your day is spent connecting with fellow industry pros on LinkedIn?  Are you utilizing new media to spread your message and attain new customers?  Has your website adopted user-generated content?  Are you taking photos of your events and posting them on Flickr for all to see and enjoy?

I know, I know, I just threw a lot of questions out there.  I’m not trying to overwhelm you, I simply want to see this industry get on the ball with the ever-evolving social media platforms and not fall by the wayside.  And if I’m wrong, if fabric folks worldwide have taken on this important form of marketing, I want to know how. So let’s hear it. What have you been up to?