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Absorbing Textile Technology; Fabric that Doesn’t Get Wet

Fabric that Doesn't Get Wet
Photo Courtesy NewScientist.com

In response to something that  I posted on Facebookabout Smart Fabrics, which keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, one of my loyal readers left an interesting and exciting little comment sharing a link to another kind of smart fabric; a fabric that “Never Gets Wet”.  This fabric is “made from polyester fibers coated with millions of tiny silicone filaments and is the most water-repellent clothing-appropriate material ever created.”   The technology involves a trapped layer of air ensuring that water never comes in contact with the polyester fabric.  The coating can also be applied to other textiles like wool, cotton, and viscose but the results aren’t as impressive.  Rather than get into a long and somewhat stuffy scientific explanation of how all this works, I’ll just direct you to the article that my reader shared with me, which explains the process in a clear and affective manner.  What I will say however, is that I could not be more excited about this textile innovation, as I just don’t know how many more soggy New York winters I can handle!