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A Color Contest for Textile Print Designers

Color In Design AwardsWho doesn’t love a good contest, right?  It motivates, inspires, and promotes a healthy dose of competition.  With that in mind, someone sent me an email about a Color Contest being put on by How Design and Print Magazine and I thought I would pass it along to you.

What’s it all about? Submit the work you have created that best celebrates the use of color. Anything from advertising, promotion,  illustration, brochures and catalogs, email blasts, corporate communications, posters, magazines, newspapers, editorial spreads, books, logos and symbols,  letterhead programs, packaging, menus, calendars, invitations, announcements, signage, exhibition design…list goes on.

Sounds pretty cool, right?  Really, what do you have to lose? 40 bucks. It’s the entry fee….However, what do you have to gain? Major worldwide exposure for your work, yourself, and your business.  Just don’t slack. The deadline is November 16th. So find out the details and get to submitting!