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Clear Your Calendars; Sustainable Textile Convention is Coming to Town

Organic Exchange Sustainable Textile ConventionOrganic Fabrics, one of my favorite topics!  Well, this post isn’t actually about the fabrics necessarily but is focused on a pretty cool event, The 2010 Organic Exchange Sustainable Textile Convention . It’s taking place in New York on October 27th and 28th. According to the website, the event “will cover important aspects of sustainable textiles with topics including organic fibers, intelligent textiles, recycled fibers, natural fibers (bamboo, cellulose, and many others), sustainable business practices, water and energy usage, social issues, climate concerns, industry integrity (including certification), consumer market trends, key performance indicators, and traceability and transparency issues”.  I gather it will be an important event for all those interested in sourcing sustainably.  Some workshops and seminars to note:

  • Recycled Textiles, Bio-Based Textiles, and Natural Textiles
  • Environmental Impacts of Dyeing and Finishing
  • Carbon Footprinting In the Textile Industry
  • Product and Materials Indexing
  • Ensuring Product Integrity Claims
  • Understanding the Regulatory Landscape
  • Energy and Water Conservation and Waste Minimization
  • Cotton + Sustainability

Now, I’m not going to lie, this event is not cheap.  It will cost you over a grand.  But honestly, if this organic fabrics are what make up you business, this is how you should be spending some of your money. I imagine the ROI is great; from networking and sourcing to being educated on what’s new and interesting.  So look into it, decide if you want to work it into you budget, and definitely let us know how it goes!