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Textiles Spun by Unraveling the Secrets of Charlotte’s Web

spider silkWhile I’ve never been an insect-loving person, spiders happen to be the one variety that does not “bug” me. (Sorry, couldn’t help it) And I’m wondering if I secretly like them because they are producers of spun fibers, indirectly involved in the textile industry, and therefore an ally of mine….

I read today that spider silk has tensile strength five times that of steel. And, until recently, scientists were not sure how to replicate what these little guys can do. But that has changed. Innovators at TU München have discovered the secret to the production of the super strong, elastic fibers. Currently in the process of creating a machine that mimics the spinning process of the spider, this development will open the doors for an unlimited potential in the world of textile technology. Whether medical, home, or fashion, I picture the fabrics that will be created by this yarn to be as intricate as the spider’s web itself. Charlotte would be so proud.

Fashion Fabric Sourcing

10 Textile Print Designers You Should Know

Textile Print Designers
Prints: Colette and Blue

Upon cleaning up my desk and getting organized, I realized that I have quite a little collection of business cards.  More importantly, I have quite a little collection of Textile Designer’s business cards.  I decided to sort through and separate them all into 3 categories; Print, Woven, Knit. As I imagine a decent amount of my readers find themselves sourcing designers, I thought I’d share.  So today I will start with textile designers that concentrate in Print Design.  I will get the list started and, with any luck, you will keep the list going!

Cherry Design Partners
Pattern People
Longina Phillips Design
Amy Butler
Creativo Surface Design Studio
Perry Mateson Design
Colette and Blue
Tana Bana
Whiston and Wright


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