Exceptional Customer Service Tips for Your Fashion Business

Exceptional customer service

Exceptional customer service comes from going far above and beyond; and it leads to word of mouth marketing, the best kind of marketing there is.

Recently I purchased a new yoga mat through Amazon. The company that makes it is called Aurorae and they sent me an email about a week after I received the mat that was so well done, and such a great example of great customer service, that I had to share it with you.

Dear Nicole,

We at Aurorae are here to serve you as best as possible! We value 5-star service, so if you are unsatisfied for any reason, please contact me directly through Amazon. I am 100% committed to doing whatever possible to resolve your issue. 

Note: They could loosen up the language in this first paragraph a bit (i.e. lose the “we at Aurorae…”) but otherwise it is  nice introduction. They used my name, instant connection.

Thank you for purchasing an Aurorae Yoga mat  from Amazon.com. Your business and support are important to us and we hope that, if satisfied with our service/product, you’ll find the time to leave a short review on our Amazon review page. As a small family-run business, your review means a great deal to us as we truly care about you and your satisfaction.

Note: This paragraph was great, they tell me a bit about their business and politely ask for a review. 

In order to write a short review please follow the link: Aurorae Classic Yoga Mats-Ultra Thick 6mm, 72″ Long. Toxin Free and Bio-degradeable. 100% Guaranteed (Leave Product Review)

Note: They make it easy for me to leave a review by sharing the link and not making me log into my Amazon account and find my last purchase.

Your purchase and support are greatly appreciated and therefore, we are offering Yogi Tip care instructions for best results with your Aurorae product(s). Consider this a warm welcome to our Aurorae family!


Note: here is where they listed 9 well thought out and helpful tips for care of my mat and also how the care of my mat will make me a better yogi. They listed them in bullet form making them easy to consume.

See how by adding a single procedure to your business’ customer service policies, you can have an big impact on how customer perceive your business?  I was so pleasantly surprised by this email that I shared with thousands of people (that’s you!) and created some major word of mouth marketing for this brand.

Image: Greekadman
Nicole Giordano

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