6 Ways to Clean Up Your Social Media Marketing in the New Year

Clean up your social media marketing in 2014

When it comes to the New Year and Q1 of most business plans, we are constantly thinking what we should/could do to revamp our strategies, tactics, and presences online and offline. Where to start? Sometimes it’s about looking back and seeing what worked and didn’t; and other times it’s just about making small tweaks in order to optimize your brand’s performance on social media.

Here are 6 Ways to Clean Up Your Social Media Marketing in the New Year


Remember when you started on social media and you had to choose that pivotal logo or image to represent your brand? That image may still work, but sometimes you need to tweak your bio in order to describe what your business does today (especially if it’s expanded over the past year).

Tip: Use your google analytics and trends to see what search terms consumers use and look for when it comes to your brand and competition. Use those in your bio so you are easier to find and your description of your product or service is easier to understand by your potential customers. Remember, sometimes it’s not about saying that you provide “x” but using synonyms that your audience may also search for. Think like a consumer.

Follow Back

Over the past year, surely a large amount of people have found you, loved what you have to offer and in turn have liked, shared, tweeted, and followed you because they value you as a brand. Show them how much you value them too! Follow back. It is a two way relationship after all.

Re-evaluate Your Strategy

Your social media strategy is a part of your everyday tactics, each tweet, and each monthly theme. Look back to see which themes, topics, and content formats resonated most with your audience. Even though you may have loved that video of your holiday party you posted, perhaps your audience didn’t care for it. Or perhaps you didn’t post it on a channel where your audience wanted that video.

Tip: Look back and evaluate: (1) topic calendar; (2) content formats; and (3) time/day of posting said content. Start there and see where you land.


As in #3 above, it’s important to see what works, and what doesn’t. You may love posting fun vine videos, but perhaps your audience is more likely to engage with you on instagram. Be where your audience cares for your content, and where they want to engage with you. You don’t need to be on every channel just to be hip with social media.

Staff Up

Perhaps because you are a small startup or small marketing team, you are an awesome ninja and do everything yourself. However, that’s not always the best scenario as you continue to grow and your marketing takes on many forms and channels. Invest in yourself and your brand – staff up!

Tip: When you look for a good community manager, remember to find someone who is native to the language, the channels, and truly understands the strategy and tactics that go into social media.

Mobile First

This may be my most important tip of the 2014 social media revamping for your brand – mobile, mobile and more mobile first. When it comes to social media and how people consume and interact with your brand – it is on mobile before desktop. In turn your content needs to be mobile friendly. You want it be easily consumable and shareable.

Tip: Think about what your customers are likely to do on mobile vs tablet vs desktop. For example if you have a form on your website, and they are more likely to fill it out via mobile as they’re running around – make sure it’s short and simple. Avoid drag and drop, and pull down menus – keep them 2 to 3 quick fill in areas per form.

It’s a great time to take a serious approach to not only your social media, but your business as a whole.

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