5 Tips for Optimizing Your Brand’s YouTube Channel

StartUp FASHION Business Optimizing YouTube Channel

Nowadays with so many video content options from Instagram and Vine — it’s easy to forget about YouTube. However, it is still one of the largest search engines on the web and can be perfect for enabling your video content to be discovered, consumed, and shared across channels.

We’ve spoken before about the value of video content for your fashion brand, but how about optimizing your video content so people can find it?

Before jumping in or even if you already have, make sure you are optimizing your brand’s YouTube channel…

  1. Channel Title and Description – Having an easy to remember channel name is best, especially when people are using the search bar to find it. The description is helpful for SEO purposes, and it is key to remember that the first few sentences are seen most often (as the rest gets cut off unless you click for a full description). So make sure that the beginning is helpful in understanding the objective of your YouTube channel.
  2. Video Title and Description – Similar to the channel title and description, not only is it important to utilize keywords for SEO purposes, but it’s helpful to make it easy for people to know what the video is. If it’s too obscure, less people may click on it when searching; and in turn less people may share.
  3. Video Transcript – This may seem like a silly tiresome thing you have to do, but remember YouTube is a search engine. Capitalize on those keywords and SEO value of being able to use them in the transcript as well.
  4. Video Tags – Have I mentioned the word “keywords” yet? Tags, just like on your website and blog, are yet another SEO booster and are helpful to ensure that the people searching for “the perfect tips for finding fall boots” will find your video because it’s about “tips” and “fall boots.”
  5. Video Playlists – A lot of times brands will do a dump of their videos and there’s no rhyme or reason on how they’re uploaded. If you categorize them in helpful playlists like “how to,” “commercials,” “adventures behind the runway,” and/or “2013 fashion line,” it helps those wanting to watch your content find not just one video, but multiple videos to consume and share.

And of course it’s always helpful to cross promote your videos on your own site, blog, email newsletter; and distribute through social channels like Facebook and Twitter.

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