Independent Brand Linell Ellis Shares a Day in the Life of an Up-and-Coming Brand

Linell Ellis

Last week emerging designer Linell Jackson, founder and designer behind handbag brand Linell Ellis took over our Instagram to share with everyone a day in the life of an emerging designer and it was great!

Linell is very talented handbag designer based in Silver Springs, MD who we first met when she became a member of the StartUp FASHION community. It’s such a wonderful experience getting to Linell and watching as her business has grown and evolved over the past several months.

Below is our interview with Linell, where she shares a bit about her business and lessons she has learned as an independent and up and coming handbag and accessory brand.

Linell Ellis

There is a saying “you learn something new every day.” The day of your takeover, what did you learn about business in fashion?

It was such a great experience. I am so happy Startup Fashion gave me the opportunity to do the takeover. I definitely learn something new everyday. The day of the takeover I learned/confirmed that it is always important to be prepared. Even though I had a great fun project with the takeover, I still had to make sure I kept all of my meetings with manufacturers so I can stay on track for the holiday season which is quickly approaching.

What is your favorite photo you took? Why?

My favorite photo of the day was of the mood board for SS15. Mood/Inspiration boards are one of my favorite aspects of the business. It allows me to immerse myself in the creativity part. I loved sharing it because it was kind of like the unveiling of whats to come. Exciting!!

Linell Ellis

What is the most valuable thing you did the day of your takeover?

The most valuable thing I did the day of my takeover was meet with one of my manufacturers. It is critical to build strong partnerships and relationships in this business. Our success is built upon the great relationships we have. I never take that for granted.

Linell Ellis

How would you describe your day in three words?

Nervous, fun and rewarding.

I have to admit, as extroverted as I am, I was very nervous about the takeover because you never know how things will go and I really wanted to represent my brand and the startup fashion community well. The community has been so good to me so I wanted to make them proud. The takeover was fun, I always enjoy taking pictures and sharing. I am secretly addicted to Instagram (well I guess it’s not a secret anymore).

Most of all it was rewarding because I was introduced to new people to connect with and the feedback was great. I gained more practice with sharing our business and connecting with the Linell Ellis woman. As well, anytime I can hopefully be an inspiration to a fellow emerging designer makes me feel good.

Linell Ellis

What role has StartUp FASHION taken in your everyday business life?

StartUp Fashion has been a critical part of our everyday business life. I visit the site every morning as part of my daily reading of industry news. I have used pretty much all of the resources available to build and grow the brand. Most importantly it is always great to know I can reach out to other designers who are willing to help, share and inspire.

Linell Ellis

What did you accomplish the day of your insta-takeover?

First, I met my goal of stepping out of my comfort zone by participating in the takeover. I also met with a manufacturer and completed the sample of a new style coming soon. I sent out the orders that came in that day and I worked on finalizing the holiday campaign.

Linell Ellis

If you could give one piece of advice to fellow emerging designers, what would it be?

Learn everything about your industry and customer. Most importantly, if you believe in what you are doing just keep swimming, keep swimming!


Stay tuned as we feature more amazingly talented SatrtUp FASHION members with Insta-takeovers and blog spotlights

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