The Importance of Quality Fashion Photography


So you’re getting close to finishing up your new line, and you’re about ready to start a heavy marketing push. Obviously you’re going to need some pictures of your product, but you’re not sure where to look and you don’t want to pay much. You think, maybe you can hire a photography student to work for free or really cheaply.  They always need portfolio work, right?  Then you remember your friend has a nice camera, maybe they can take the pictures for you? After all, the cost is the bottom line right?

Well lets think about it.  I realize that starting a label means a serious lack of initial funds but I’m telling you, excellent photographs are worth every penny and should be an integral part of your marketing budget.

This is the digital age, and most marketing is done online. That means the large majority of potential customers won’t see your product in person and these images are going to be the most important representation of your product.  Do you really want anyone seeing your hard work in any condition other than the absolute best?  Do you want to worry about the colors being inaccurate, or the best features being under exposed, or hidden by the model’s hand or hair?  You need these pictures to do the selling for you.  They have to look great, they have to make your potential customers want what you have to offer!  You probably don’t want to put something so important in the hands of a novice.

Yes, good quality fashion photography can be expensive, really expensive. But if you want to sell your work, photography should be just as important as the materials you use.  I’m not saying you necessarily need to break the bank hiring the biggest name photographer out there.  Just make sure you do your homework, ask for recommendations, review portfolios, and look for that amazing quality that you’re after.

Now, it can take some time, but there are some excellent resources to help you find talented, knowledge, and experienced fashion photographers.  The below resources are all professional photography associations and they require an investment of time and money from their members, so it’s usually a good place to start looking for serious photographer talent.

ASMP Find a Photographer – American Society of Media Photographers
PPA Find a Photographer – Professional Photographers Association
APA Find a Photographer – American Photographic Artists

I suggest spending some time checking out these sites and looking for a photographer whose work you admire.  You want to hire someone who you feel has a similar vision as yours.  Like any other relationship, personal or professional, a happy marriage of liked-minded aesthetics and goals is the most important part.