Building the Best Team for Your Business

New Employee On First Day At WorkThe success of your company depends on several critical factors, not the least of which are your team members. The people you select to help pursue your dream and carry out your vision have the potential to make or break your business.

So, how do you make sure you have the right people working for you?

As with any business — start-up or experienced — you want to make sure you hire someone who can handle the highs and lows and can produce results through times of uncertainty. Whether via word of mouth, networking, or social media platforms, start-ups, in particular, have to keep a lid on employee search costs.

The process can be daunting, but the best way to pursue building your team is to create a checklist.  Outlining your needs will force you to think about what type of people you need working for your company and why. The more organized you are and the more detailed your criteria, the easier your search will be.

There are many do’s and don’ts that are part of the hiring process, but here are a few key details specific to start-ups that deserve consideration:

  • Placement – someone may have a stellar resume, but that does not mean he or she can handle the pressure of a start-up. Start-ups are unique because a team member may wear many hats and must have the flexibility to juggle other roles. Individuals who have worked in more structured environments may have difficulty adjusting to this type of work atmosphere.
  • Personality – your employees need to have the same drive and determination as you do. You’re putting the life of your business into their hands and you need to trust that your team members have the same best intentions for your company.
  • Talent – you should think of your hiring process as though you are putting together an all-star team. Within reason, you should try to bring in the best selection of talent for your business. The typical recommendation is to hire those people whose skills you desire. Putting together a unique set of  talent will give you the chance to set your company above and beyond the competition.
  • Compatibility– Perhaps the most important issue to consider when it comes to hiring a team is to make sure that you and those you employ enjoy working with each other. You don’t need to be best friends, but compatibility is crucial.

Keeping a flow of positive energy will put your business on the right path. There is no definitively right or wrong approach to hiring team members, but by staying true to your company’s goals and missions, you can build yourself a team destined for success.

Have you gone beyond the one-person show yet?  Have you thought about how you can start building the best team? Share in the comments below.


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