3 Goals to Consider for your Blog Content Strategy

Blogging Content
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Publishing is no longer just in the hands of magazines and newspapers; brands have the opportunity (as many have realized) to provide the value of content to consumers through video, blogs, infographics, and much more.

Today the brand is the publisher. When brands start creating and curating content it is normally through a blog or landing page that consumers are directed through to other channels.

Does your brand have a blog? Is it ready to make the investment in writers and quality content to keep loyal fans and accrue new ones?

3 things to consider for your blog content strategy…

Content Buckets
Your blog strategy is dependent on your marketing/business goals so it is important to ensure your content strategy for your blog is in line with those goals. Then, whether you have a 3 person team or a 500 person team you need to do a few things to put out valuable content:

  • Evaluate what your competition is putting out for content and what content buckets they are focused on (is it lifestyle content, industry content, sales content, and what mix?)
  • Evaluate what your audience is clicking on; spending most of their time consuming, and what keywords drive them to your website.
  • Where are the gaps…fill them in.
  • Determine the 2 to 4 buckets your brand can focus on and  test and learn and optimize the content accordingly.
  • Note: your strategy will change with time and so will your content buckets. Be ready and willing to adapt.

Always, always, always ensure  your content is optimized for SEO in order to drive traffic to the blog and to wherever your intent is from that point forward.

Have a list of keywords for certain topics in order to optimize the title, tags,  keywords, and meta data accordingly.

Social Search
Social media isn’t just about tweeting, and posting, and pinning…social media is another way to optimize search for your consumers looking for content.  You can provide this content across platforms.

Goal for your brand: be where your consumers are consuming and searching for the content you provide. Make it easily searchable (and shareable) through tags and keywords.

What else? Configure an Editorial Calendar that will help organize topics, reactive and proactive content, and where that content will live and be distributed, and when.

Stay tuned for the next installment on this content series for your brand.

Have you spent time putting together your content strategy?  What has been the hardest part?

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