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BT Cotton: Environmentally Sound or Savage?

Cotton Fiber

Cotton is a fashion industry staple; perhaps the most widely used material for garments. With so many designers and companies using the fiber, it comes as no surprise that it is one of the most difficult textiles to regulate. As ...

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Textile Crush: Angharad McLaren


As fashion designers, we can all appreciate a beautiful piece of fabric. But more often than not, it is the garment created with the fabric that truly brings it to life. Not true for the whimsical textiles dreamed up by ...

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Researchers Create Bulletproof Silk From Spider Silk and Goats Milk

bulletproof silk

When we think of silk, it evokes a clear vision of glamous; gorgeous evening gowns, elegant kimonos, and slinky chemises. It is expensive and delicate, a high-maintenance fabric that needs to be treasured and cared for. However, these associations may ...

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TexWorld USA – Open for Registration

texworld featured

As fashion designers, textiles are your medium.  You dream about hand, drape, silhouette, wovens, knits, prints….. They act as a constant source of inspiration when creating your work. So staying on top of industry trade shows and fully understanding everything ...

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Only Two More Days!: Zero Waste at Parsons Design School

Parsons Zero Waste Denim

Can you produce a garment with zero fabric wasted?  Of course you can.  All it takes is a little adjusted thinking when it comes to patternmaking.  Your patterns become as thought provoking and design oriented as the clothes themselves. Why ...

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Unique Textiles by Pacific Coast Knitting- Sourcing at WWD MAGIC

Sourcing at WWD MAGIC

I love finding new fabric suppliers.  The raw materials that go into creating fashion is where my interest (and heart) really lies. The first booth I saw the minute that I walked in Sourcing at MAGIC was the Pacific Coast ...

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What You Didn’t Know About Silk Worms

silk worms

Hey folks. You may remember not too long ago when I shared the resource Source4Style, place for you to discover all your sustainable textile needs. Well, I came across a fun, and more importantly interesting, video on silk worms. I’ll ...

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Starbucks Foray into Sustainable Textiles

Starbucks sustainable fabric WoJo

Yes, that Starbucks. No, they haven't stopped making coffee. What they have started doing, though, is furnishing their interiors with a revolutionary new textile made from natural and renewable materials.

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It’s Wool Week. Did You Know That?

wool week - choose wool

So, yes, it's wool week. Interesting. I have to say I really didn't have any inkling of the existence of the Campaign for Wool until I stumbled upon an article on the British Vogue website. Apparently, the campaign was started by the Prince of Whales in January of this year to educate people on the versatility and sustainability of wool.

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Nokia’s Nod to the Textile Industry

nokia n8 cellscope technology

Yes, I’m interested in textiles and you’re interested in textiles but it’s not exactly mainstream. It’s not really an industry that you see highlighted on regular basis unless you perpetually watch the DIY Network or the Style channel, right?   ...

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