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5 Alternative Calls to Action For Your Branding and Marketing Content

CTAs for branding and marketing content

When it comes to your website, email marketing, and social media, your content needs a call to action (cta). What is it that you want your reader to do? The CTA usually drives your audience to have an interaction with the content and engage (click, like, share) or potentially go somewhere else (such as your product page to purchase).

A great CTA can create responses from the audience and potentially convert them from a prospective customer to an actual customer (or a current one to a loyal one).

Here’s the thing though, not all CTA’s have to drive to a product or service.

Sometimes a CTA that leads to entertainment, valued content, or helpful tips is enough to make your audience excited for your product or service in the long run.

Here are 5 Alternative Calls to Action for Your  Branding and Marketing Content:

Email: Cross promotion between social and email is a great way to get awareness of your content. Perhaps include some of your Instagram favorites in your email newsletter and allow your readers to “share” their favorite with specific hashtag. Allow them to be a part of your community and potentially be highlighted in your email next time.

Website: Have them “subscribe now” to your newsletter for information on events or entertaining videos, not necessarily sales and promos.

YouTube: Instead of leading them back to the site to purchase a product from your videos, perhaps have a simple annotation to go to the next video. Let them enjoy more awesome content, because they’re obviously watching the video for a reason. They’re interested!

Facebook: Use the option to have them “book now”  or “sign up” for an exclusive event or upcoming content series your brand is offering. It could be a Facebook exclusive opportunity for fans only.

tumblr:  Perhaps your blog is meant for behind the scenes content on how your product is brought to life. No reason for them to have to be driven to the product to purchase. Allow your content be something engaging and unique allowing your audience to see another side to your brand. The CTA could be to “read more” or “share” with friends.

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to provide a purchase CTA, but sometimes allowing your audience to engage with another side of your brand, with fun insider content, or have exclusive opportunities, can allow them to become more than just customers. They actually become loyal fans and advocates.

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