How To Use Visual Platforms in Fashion Marketing

Creative Use of Instagram

When it comes to fashion, consumers want an experience that triggers all their senses, especially their eyes. Identifying interesting textures, colors, silhouettes, and prints and using them to express personality is the essence of fashion and style.

Therefore, in order to trigger that desire to express oneself, create engagement around products and services, and most of all convert potential customers into actual customers – letting them “see” your fashion is crucial.

In short, show off your products, visualize your tips, photograph your designs, highlight your customers in your latest styles, and give those employees who rock your wears the spotlight.

There’s a reason there are so many visual social channels out there nowadays, and a reason why they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon: Consumers love to post their style and be inspired by brands and bloggers. So think beyond the basic, most obvious uses and get creative with your visual platforms.

Different Ways to Use Visual Platforms in Fashion Marketing:

Instagram – Let consumers submit pictures of themselves. Toms Shoes does a great job of this by showcasing their loyal community who love their shoes and wear them until they’re holy and run down – but still can’t bare to part with them.

Pinterest – Think beyond the “Accessories”, “Inspiration”, and “Celebrity Fashion” boards. Create boards that highlight concepts related to your customer as well as your brand: “Wear With {Brand Name}”, “Layer It On”, “How to Wear” (with links back to your blog), an employee board, a public pinning board for others to pin themselves in your designs, etc.

Tumblr and Facebook – These are great platforms to take what could be an image-free post and make it visually beautiful.  Want to post a quote?  Layer the quote over an image of the quoted instead of just posting text.  Want to share a “fill in the blank”?  Add an image associated with it to build engagement like “What are your tricks for organizing your closet?”  and post an image of an overflowing closet.

We understand that most of you know about and utilize the above platforms.  They’re not new.  But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be thinking of new ways to use them as you continue to market your business.

How are you using your visual platforms?

Pam Sahota

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