Fabric Supplier Directory + Manufacturing Factory Directory


Save hours of time. Instead of searching for manufacturers and fabric suppliers online, use this directory compiled of hundreds of fashion manufacturing resources.


Factory Directory

  • 150 apparel factories
  • 28 handbag factories
  • 14 jewelry factories
  • 9 shoe factories
  • 121 development resources (pattern makers, sample makers, tech pack creators, marking and grading services)

Fabric Directory

  • Over 300 fabric suppliers
    Cotton, wool, linen, silk, tencel, leather, novelties, synthetics, vegan leather, faux fur, lining fabric, deadstock suppliers, and custom fabrics services (screen printers, embroiders, etc.)

Bonus #1: Factory Email Outreach Script
No more never hearing back from factories. Use this script to say exactly what a factory needs to hear in order for them to respond to your inquiry.

Bonus #2: 15 Questions to Ask your Potential Factory
Once you hear back from a factory, use this list of questions to make sure that they are the right fit for your needs.


  • The directories are yours for life so whether you are ready to start product development now or in a year, you’ll have these resources ready and waiting for you.
  • Directories are shared as Google Spreadsheets that you can copy to your own Google Sheets or download to your computer.
  • Listings are mainly in North America, Europe, and Asia, with some in Africa and Australia/Oceania.
  • Listings include contact details: website, address, email, and phone
  • Fabric supplier directory notates whether a supplier offers sustainable products
  • This product is digital, which means it cannot be returned, therefore we do not offer refunds. 


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