Pantone’s Mind Blowing Color Competition

Pantone Color Competition Fashion

Competition is fun. Competition where you get to promote your creative work is even more fun.  Recently, I learned about a Pantone contest that promotes, what else, color.  The rules are simple and the prizes are pretty darn good; for those of us in the fashion, interior and textile industry, of course.  Below are some of the details.  Check them out and if you think your work is color-fantastic, consider submitting.


  • Submit any project from your portfolio that exemplifies mind-blowing color.
  • Only one entry per user is permitted.
  • Submissions will be judged on how colors are used in the piece, how they impact the design, and help communicate the intended message. Judges will also be looking for innovative color combinations and bold use of color that adds to the work’s appeal.


    “Pantone Studio Plus – Design & Play”
    -Pantone PLUS Reference Library (14-piece set)
    -Fashion+Home Color Specifier
    -Fashion+Home Guide
    -Color Cue 2.1
    -ColorMunki Design
    -Color: Message & Meanings
    -Set of 6 Pantone Mugs
    -Set of Pantone Notebooks
    -Weekend Stay at Pantone Hotel in Brussels (Hotel Only)
    Total Value – Over $2,500
    “Pantone To Go”
    -Pantone Essential with Effects
    -Pantone Solid Chips Coated & Uncoated
    -Pantone Notebook
    Total Value – Over $800
  • 5 x 2nd PLACE PRIZES
    “Pantone PLUS Essentials Kit”
    -Pantone Essentials
    Total Value – $329

Not bad, right?  Well hurry up, you’re running out of time.  The competition comes to end October 13th.

Nicole Giordano

Nicole is the founder of StartUp FASHION, an online resource and community supporting for independent designers around the world with building their businesses. A deep love for the craft of fashion paired with an adamant belief that success is defined by the individual, led her to found StartUp FASHION, where she helps independent designers and makers screw the traditional fashion business rules, create their own paths, and build businesses they truly love. More than anything else, she’s in the business of encouragement and works every day to remind makers and designers that they have something special to offer the world and that they can, in fact, do this thing!