Little Las Vegas MAGIC-al Diary- Day 3

Entrance at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas
Entrance at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas

Last night, after meeting some of the amazing bloggers in the Teen Vogue WWD Magic Blogger Lounge, I had the absolute pleasure of heading to dinner with three of them, plus a dynamite fashion marketer. Elizabeth Wahler of LadyLux, Elim Chu of The Style Seen, and Kimmy Huynh of Fabulush. Stomachs rumbling we jumped in a cab and headed to the Wynn, excitedly choosing a spot, settling in, and getting to know each other. Besides some tasty cuisine, we had a really fantastic evening of conversation. The experience was such a pleasure and reminded me of part of the reason I have been so looking forward to this trip- the potentially lasting relationships that we all have the opportunity to form with one another. A great night.

This morning I was up early, after a few hours spent in the Blogger Lounge and an interview with Macala Wright Lee (will share it soon, promise), I spent the entire afternoon in Keynote speeches and expert panels. They were amazing. My brain is so packed with useful information that I am actually dizzy.

With aching feet ( I felt the need to sport 4 inch heels all day) , I am currently planted in my hotel room, curled up in the cozy bed, writing, writing, writing about everything I consumed in today keynotes!

Tomorrow, some brand and vendor content, promise.

Nicole Giordano

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