Closet Tour’s Garment District Video.Fashion Made In New York.

As creative minds entering into the fashion world, you are perched on the edge,  ready to take flight. Your ultimate goal may be to create a conglomerate, mass producing your products over seas or it may be to create a smaller scale, meaningful label that really embraces slow fashion. Either way you will need to start somewhere. In most cases you will be starting in New York City; a place that was once bustling with skillful craftspeople.

These days, the service sector of the garment district has shrunken, significantly, but it hasn’t disappeared. In the coming month, I will be touring some these amazing places where you, as designers, can utilize their services to bring your illustrations and ideas into fruition.

Right now, I am so darn focused on preparing for #WWDMAGIC, wanting to make sure that I write up some fantastic content for my readers,  that I can’t quite think about touring the garment district. But by the end of the month, I will have some great posts on that, promise.

In the meantime, check out this video by Jenni Avins of Closet Tour. It’s a great intro to the possibilities and resources that remain in the Manhattan Garment District.  I’m looking forward to building upon it.

CLOSETTOUR Webisode 3: Making It from Jenni Avins on Vimeo.


Nicole Giordano

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