Fashion Meets Medical Function in ASHA Headwear

ASHA head wear

This month, a new brand has been launched that truly celebrates beauty amidst adversity. ASHA is a line of gorgeous, handmade scarves and headwear designed specifically for those undergoing chemotherapy treatment and other medical conditions.

Cancer is of course, an incredible battle, and hair loss certainly does not make it any easier, particularly for women. Developed by Murray Hogarth Company, the line is a response to numerous cancer patients needing headscarves that were both functional and fashionable.

ASHA’s goal is to provide support to cancer patients by creating beautiful accessories that will encourage them to retain their sense of style and individuality.

The collection is lovely, functional purposes aside. The scarves are made of 100% silk and the headwear is made in a chic, modern turban silhouette not unlike what is currently on the runway.

Each comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns, which will surely expand as the company continues to grow. The site even has a guide that provides suggestions as to occasions to which the garments could be worn, showcasing their versatility.

However, perhaps the most special aspect of the ASHA line are the fabrics from which the garments are created.

For example, the turbans are made from “micro-encapsulated” fabrics. These textiles have therapeutic benefits for the wearer. There is an aromatherapy finish, in which small capsules of scented oils such as lavender or aloe vera are embedded in the fibers. When the fabric is worn, the capsules release the fragrance.

Other finishes include UV ray protection, thermo-regulation, as well as vitamins and moisturizers. The smart textile industry is one that is rapidly growing in the contemporary fashion world. ASHA provides a perfect example of the incredible potential that lies within something as simple as fabric.

To learn more or make a purchase, visit, 10% of all sales are donated to Maggie’s Cancer Charity.

ASHA headwear is a wonderful initiative. Do you know of other business models where fashion meets medical function?

Jessica Bucci

Jessica has been trained in a wide variety of textile and fiber processes, traditional as well as computer-aided, which she uses in both her design and sculptural work. Jessica has also served as a teaching assistant for beginning weavers and drawers.

  1. Liz

    Love this! And would love to connect! I’m the founder of Liz & Ett, a startup in NYC offering functional fashion for the stylish senior

    • Alex Hogarth

      Hi Liz,

      Firstly may I say your website is gorgeous and the idea and concept is absolutely fantastic! It sounds like you have came across similar issues like us when trying to find stylish AND functional products.

      I would love for you to connect with us via our ‘connect and share’ page on our community forum. The link is as follows;

      Please feel free to also tell our followers about your great website and we can continue to spread the word on functional and fashionable products available……

      Happy New year!


  2. Alex Hogarth from ASHA

    Good afternoon Jessica,

    I wanted to say a very huge thank you for your lovely and informative article on ASHA. We are so thrilled that you picked up on the key strengths of the product and have spread the word about our mission and story.

    It is such a delight when somebody independently recognises your efforts and we are very thankful of your article.

    We hope to increase our range over the coming months and look more into other micro-encapsulated properties and how they can help women with hair loss.

    May I also say that your website is fabulous, what a lovely idea and concept. I have been having a look around and returned the FB like. I look forward to continually looking at your site for new posts about up and coming fashion news. Fantastic idea!

    Warmest regards

    Alex Hogarth

    • Nicole Giordano

      Thank you so much for your comment, Alex. We’re thrilled to highlight ASHA and its mission, as we think it’s such an important concept.

      Keep up the excellent work!

      P.S. glad to hear you’re liking StartUp FASHION!

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