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Textiles4Textiles Rethinking Recycled Fabric


Dutch consortium Textiles4Textiles  has recognized the glitches in recycling textiles and developed a machine that can sort textiles for re-use. It’s no secret that the sustainable benefits of recycled textiles far outweigh those of using completely new materials, especially when it ...

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BT Cotton: Environmentally Sound or Savage?

Cotton Fiber

Cotton is a fashion industry staple; perhaps the most widely used material for garments. With so many designers and companies using the fiber, it comes as no surprise that it is one of the most difficult textiles to regulate. As ...

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Repair and Recycle Textiles via Rafoogari

Rafoogari Textile Technique

Whether you’re a weekend warrior who’s scraped up a favorite pair of jeans, or a nine-to-fiver who’s just spilled coffee down a blouse, we’ve all had our share of wardrobe malfunctions. Clothes bear the brunt of the wear and tear ...

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Textile Spotlight: Aloe Vera Fabric

Simone Perele Aloe Vera Lingerie

Summer is in full swing and we are experiencing the hottest time of the year right now; the warm weather has made for some great beach days! Unfortunately, too much sun isn’t the best for your skin, a lesson my ...

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How It’s Made: Lace Fabric

Tricot Lace Fabric

It’s finally June and wedding season is in full swing! It’s hard to believe that the Royal Wedding was a little over a year ago. Even so, the image of Kate Middleton’s iconic wedding gown is still fresh in our ...

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How It’s Made: Seersucker Fabric

Indochino Seersucker

Summer is upon us along with all the fun fashions that come with it.  As a native of Cape Cod, I grew up surrounded by the pastel hues and bold plaids of Vineyard Vines. One can’t help but appreciate the ...

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Eugenia Morpurgo: Sustainable Shoes

Eugenia Morpurgo

As many of us know, though it has come a long way, the textile industry needs major work when it comes to sustainability. Fortunately, this is an issue that is becoming more recognized and people from a variety of different ...

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Researchers Create Bulletproof Silk From Spider Silk and Goats Milk

bulletproof silk

When we think of silk, it evokes a clear vision of glamous; gorgeous evening gowns, elegant kimonos, and slinky chemises. It is expensive and delicate, a high-maintenance fabric that needs to be treasured and cared for. However, these associations may ...

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Textile Trend: Sari Fabrics

Sari Fabrics StartUp Fashion

This year, Chanel showcased a collection titled “Métier d’Art”. The glittering line celebrated the opulence of India, complete with bindis, flowing silhouettes, and a lavish runway set. India’s influence in fashion has definitely strengthened over the years. Designers have especially ...

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Textile Trend: Katazome

katazome textile startup fashion

In one of our previous articles in our global textile series, we mentioned rozome, a Japanese wax resist technique used to create the beautiful images on kimonos. This week we will be talking about it’s sister, katazome. Mainly used to ...

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