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Textiles4Textiles Rethinking Recycled Fabric


Dutch consortium Textiles4Textiles  has recognized the glitches in recycling textiles and developed a machine that can sort textiles for re-use. It’s no secret that the sustainable benefits of recycled textiles far outweigh those of using completely new materials, especially when it ...

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Textile Spotlight: Aloe Vera Fabric

Simone Perele Aloe Vera Lingerie

Summer is in full swing and we are experiencing the hottest time of the year right now; the warm weather has made for some great beach days! Unfortunately, too much sun isn’t the best for your skin, a lesson my ...

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How It’s Made: Lace Fabric

Tricot Lace Fabric

It’s finally June and wedding season is in full swing! It’s hard to believe that the Royal Wedding was a little over a year ago. Even so, the image of Kate Middleton’s iconic wedding gown is still fresh in our ...

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How It’s Made: Seersucker Fabric

Indochino Seersucker

Summer is upon us along with all the fun fashions that come with it.  As a native of Cape Cod, I grew up surrounded by the pastel hues and bold plaids of Vineyard Vines. One can’t help but appreciate the ...

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Eugenia Morpurgo: Sustainable Shoes

Eugenia Morpurgo

As many of us know, though it has come a long way, the textile industry needs major work when it comes to sustainability. Fortunately, this is an issue that is becoming more recognized and people from a variety of different ...

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