The Ultimate Fashion Wholesale Bundle


Our most popular products rolled into The Ultimate Fashion Wholesale Bundle. The Line sheet Template, Purchase Order Form Template, and the Fashion Wholesale Tool Kit

1. Line Sheet Template

Line sheets are an important part of your fashion business if selling wholesale is part of your business sales strategy.

You want to have them created and on hand, ready to send out at the nano-second’s notice, for those perfect days when a buyer emails you!

This includes:

  • 1 year of access to a detailed line sheet template that allows you to add your logo, images, and product details (no limit to number of products)
  • Create unlimited PDF line sheets to e-mail to your buyers, or just send your buyers a custom link to your line sheet (up to 4 separate line sheets can be hosted)
  • Fully customizable – Change all text and field labels, and choose to hide or show any text sections.
  • A very easy to use format that allows you to add or delete products with one button
  • Use any currency for your prices

2. Wholesale Purchase Order Form

Make the buying process as easy as you possibly can for buyers. Give them everything the need in order to buy your latest collection; don’t give them any reason to put off the purchase.

This includes:

  • A detailed, easy to use template for buyers to place orders
  • Excel based template, customizable fields for logo and contact information
  • All mathematical equations have been pre-entered for you
  • Use any currency for your prices

3. The Fashion Wholesale Tool Kit

It’s time to put together a strong and thoughtful approach to connecting with buyers and making the sale. Use this toolkit to connect with buyers, pitch your brand, get your line into more stores, and increase your wholesale revenue!

This includes:

  • Create Your Sales and Distribution Strategy Workbook (Bonus!: The workbook Includes planning your D2C sales too!)
  • How to Get in front of Retail Buyers Checklist
  • Script: Use this email script to pitch to buyers to increase your chances of getting a response
  • Video: Recorded Q+A with wholesale experts answering all the most important pitching questions
  • Your Guide to Expanding Your Wholesale Accounts 
  • Spreadsheet for tracking outreach and results


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