The Ultimate Fashion Manufacturing Bundle


This bundle includes The Production tool kit, costing sheet, and tech pack

The Production tool kit

Use this toolkit to learn how to source your fabrics, develop your prototype, and work with factories.

This Tool Kit includes:

  • How to Source Your Fabrics Workbook
  • How to Plan Your Development and Pre-Production Workbook
  • How to Plan Your Launch Inventory and Margins Workbook (for pre-revenue brands): 
  • How to Work with Factories Workbook
  • The Step-by-Step Manufacturing Checklist
  • Raw Materials Order Form Template
  • The Samplemaking Facts Sheet
  • The Fabric Research + Development Sheet Template
  • The Fit + Cut Dictionary
  • Production Terms to Know

Costing Sheet

This is your template for creating cost sheets in your business. Pricing your products may seem intimidating but this template will make it a breeze.

This Tool Kit includes:

  • 5 Must Know Facts for Costing Your Product
  • A detailed template for determining the total cost to create a piece, as well as the retail mark up
  • All mathematical equations have been pre-entered for you

Tech Pack Template

This Tool Kit includes:

  • A detailed, industry- standard tech pack template that allows you to add your logo, season, sketches, and product specifications.
  • A sample template tech pack created with dummy info and images to show you what a finished tech pack should look like
  • A very detailed user’s manual showing you exactly how to use the template

IMPORTANT: The tech pack template is created in Microsoft Excel and an understanding of how to use Excel by either you or someone on your team is required.  We do not offer technical support for navigating Microsoft Excel.e


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