Fashion Brand Play Out Apparel Shares What it’s Like to Run a Successful Business

Fashion Brand Play Out Apparel Shares What it’s Like to Run a Successful Business

In this episode I’m speaking with Abby Sugar, the founder and CEO of Play Out Apparel, an omnichannel gender-equal underwear and athleisure brand.

Abby  and I had a absolutely fantastic conversation where we discussed:

  • The process of going from a self-funded business to seeking investment
  • How brands of any size can show up for the causes they believe in and make an impact, even without having a lot of money to donate.
  • The truth about having a business partner and what that dynamic is like.
  • The shift in how GenZ shops and what the means for the fashion industry moving forward.


Play Out Apparel, which was incorporated in 2020,  is poised to lead the new market of gender-equal fashion, offering gender-expression affirming apparel for Gen Z to shop their authentic selves while supporting their values.

Having worked as a writer, editor, and independent personal trainer, Abby is a lifelong learner and taught herself business and fashion after graduating from Barnard College in English lit.

As a Social Good Enterprise, customers choose to shop from Play Out due to their focus on sustainability and ethical manufacturing, and donation of 20% of net profits to LGBTQ+ and BLM organizations, supporting their mission to combat homophobia and transphobia through marketing, product design, and partnerships.

Play Out offers truly gender-equal clothing, including 8 styles of underwear and new athleisure apparel, with no gender categories on their website or stereotypically gendered models in their photos. Shop by Style, not by Gender.

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