Meet the Members

We’d like to introduce you to some of the amazing independent designers who have joined the StartUp FASHION Community.  In addition to these talented designers, we have members who are just starting out, who don’t yet have their product made or haven’t had their first photo shoot.  As these up and coming talents emerge into the industry, we will add them to this page.

Whether you’re a buyer, editor, customer, or fellow designer, we invite you to discover the talent that makes up our Community.

Are you an independent designer who would like to join this wonderful community talented designers?  You can join here!

[one_fifth][member name=”Shana Luther Handbags” role=”Handbags” img=”” website=”” facebook=”” mail=””]Modern, clean design made with thoughtfully sourced materials and impressive craftsmanship.[/member][/one_fifth]

[one_fifth][member name=”Adriana Neves” role=”Jewelry” img=”” website=”” facebook=”” mail=””]Handcrafted jewelry.[/member][/one_fifth]

[one_fifth][member name=”Chetna Singh Scarves” role=”Accessories” img=”” website=”” facebook=”” mail=””]Luxurious scarves on high quality pure silk reproduced from original paintings by the artist.[/member][/one_fifth]

[one_fifth][member name=”My Amy Lou” role=”Jewelry” img=”” website=”” facebook=”” mail=””]Jewelry line infused with the energy and spirit of the natural elements and enriched with a mixture of funky subculture fashion.[/member][/one_fifth]

[one_fifth_last][member name=”The Saunder” role=”Womenswear” img=”” website=”” mail=”SALES@PARLORSHOWROOM.COM”] An ad­vanced con­temporary ­women’s we­ar line ba­sed in New­ York City encapulating the essence of femininity ­.[/member][/one_fifth_last]


[one_fifth][member name=”Danielle Sakry” role=”Handbags” img=”” website=”” facebook=”” mail=””]Handmade leather handbags, purses, and wallets.[/member][/one_fifth]

[one_fifth][member name=”Ainslee Bowers” role=”Womenswear” img=”” website=”” facebook=”” mail=””]Elegant silhouettes created using luxurious fabrics for the fashion forward woman. [/member][/one_fifth]

[one_fifth][member name=”Chiyome” role=”Handbags” img=”” website=”” facebook=”” mail=””]Backpacks and handbags that reinterpret personal items through the lens of contemporary minimalism.[/member][/one_fifth]

[one_fifth][member name=”Aynek Estelec” role=”Handbags” img=”” website=”” facebook=”” mail=””]Handmade one of a kind handbags made with leather and recycled materials.[/member][/one_fifth]

[one_fifth_last][member name=”Gabrielle Arruda” role=”Womenswear” img=”” website=”” facebook=”” mail=””]Clothing that combines an architectural beauty with a collection of ethereal textures and fabrics.[/member][/one_fifth_last]


[one_fifth][member name=”Chantale Regnier” role=”Womenswear” img=”” website=”” facebook=”” mail=””]Classic clothing for the eco-conscious and culturally inspired who appreciates comfort and beauty.[/member][/one_fifth]

[one_fifth][member name=”Undercover Lover” role=”Womenswear” img=”” website=”” facebook=”” mail=””]A statement fashion created line for the urbane minimalist and ardent festival goer.[/member][/one_fifth]

[one_fifth][member name=”Swarey Designs” role=”Lifestyle” img=”” website=”” facebook=”” mail=” “]An urban chic brand for men and women who likes to standout from the crowd.[/member][/one_fifth]

[one_fifth][member name=”Proverbs by Efua” role=”Womenswear” img=”” website=”” facebook=”” mail=””] Cl­assic, sea­sonless luxury clothing created for t­he fashion­ conscious­ and socia­lly aware ­profession­al.[/member][/one_fifth]

[one_fifth_last][member name=”J Bird” role=”Jewelry” img=”” website=”” facebook=”” mail=””] Inspired by nature and all things gold, the collection is a juxtaposition of organic elements and minimalistic design.[/member][/one_fifth_last]


[one_fifth][member name=”Sabi Collection” role=”Jewelry” img=”” website=”” facebook=”” mail=””]Using found wood as the primary material, the pieces are embellished in a way which offsets the raw and rustic nature.[/member][/one_fifth]

[one_fifth][member name=”Charles van der Pear” role=”Men’s Underwear” img=”” website=”” facebook=”” mail=””]The most comfortable and best fitting luxury boxer shorts using a signature inner support construction.[/member][/one_fifth]

[one_fifth][member name=”Silk and Cyanide” role=”Womenswear” img=”” website=”” facebook=”” mail=””]Apparel made to work from the office to out on the town. With an understated elegance and comfortably professional.[/member][/one_fifth]

[one_fifth][member name=”Respect my Creativity” role=”Graphic T-shirts” img=”” website=””  facebook=”″ mail=””]Graphic t-shirts that focus on the different concentrations of the visual & performing arts.[/member][/one_fifth]

[one_fifth_last][member name=”Maggie Coulombe” role=”Womenswear” img=”” website=”” facebook=”” mail=””]Designing off the beaten path in Maui, inspired by the natural beauty has led to a collection that accents the essence of women all around the globe.[/member][/one_fifth_last]


[one_fifth][member name=”Bizi” role=”Handbags” img=”” website=”” facebook=”” mail=””]Based in Buenos Aires and focused on well-crafted, bold design using colorful Argentine leathers, custom prints, and a quirky mix of hardware.[/member][/one_fifth]

[one_fifth][member name=”Phuong My” role=”Womenswear” img=”” website=”” facebook=”” mail=””]The line incorporates elements of Asian art and western culture, a combination of ideas that mirror the designer’s experiences and background.[/member][/one_fifth]

[one_fifth][member name=”Hokum” role=”Womenswear and Accessories” img=”” website=”” facebook=””]Luxurious printed 100% silk scarves and garments made in Melbourne Australia.[/member][/one_fifth]

[one_fifth][member name=”Nona E Rose” role=”Accessories” img=”” website=”” facebook=”” mail=”​”]Most pieces are one of a kind adorned with buckles and charms recovered from old factories, flea markets, and of course, grandmothers’ closets.[/member][/one_fifth]

[one_fifth_last][member name=”Peridot by Hana Mijwel” role=”Womenswear” img=”” website=”” facebook=”” mail=””]The essence of luxury apparel, beaming with elegance, exuding an effortless distinctiveness, and radiating the finest quality.[/member][/one_fifth_last]


[one_fifth][member name=”Charisma India” role=”Womenswear” img=”” website=”” mail=””]Luxury designer wear brand, hand embroidered and finished to excellence.[/member][/one_fifth]

[one_fifth][member name=”Maison d’Afie” role=”Womenswear” img=”” website=”” facebook=”″ mail=””]Focus on fusing African cultures and classic fashion from around the world.[/member][/one_fifth]

[one_fifth][member name=”Study NY” role=”Womenswear” img=”” website=”” facebook=”″ mail=””]Sustainable womenswear label in Brooklyn, NY. making seasonless clothing locally and ethically.[/member][/one_fifth]

[one_fifth][member name=”Hipsters for Sisters” role=”Accessories” img=”” website=”” facebook=”” mail=””]A belt bag company inspired to liberate women from their baggage.[/member][/one_fifth]

[one_fifth_last][member name=”Fierce Simplicity” role=”Womenswear and Swimwear” img=”” website=”” facebook=”″ mail=””]The online fashion destination for bad-ass, fierce women![/member][/one_fifth_last]


[one_fifth][member name=”Berjheny” role=”Womenswear” img=”” website=”” facebook=”” mail=””]Clothing for confident women with a strong sense of personal style and an effortless, sophisticated elegance.[/member][/one_fifth]

[one_fifth][member name=”Designs by Elizabeth Lara” role=”Bridal and Eveningwear” img=”” website=”” facebook=”” mail=””] V­intage ins­pired wedd­ing gowns,­ special o­ccasion go­wns, and c­ocktail dr­esses.[/member][/one_fifth]

[one_fifth][member name=”Rare” role=”Womenswear and Menswear” img=”×642.jpg” website=”” facebook=”” mail=””]Tr­aditional ­German clo­thing that­ is modern­, fresh an­d edgy for­ fashion c­onscious m­en and wom­en[/member][/one_fifth]

[one_fifth][member name=”Hootie Brown” role=”Hats” img=”” website=”” facebook=”” mail=””]All-natural, high-quality, high fashion fall/winter hats using only the finest materials.[/member][/one_fifth]

[one_fifth_last][member name=”Uchiyami” role=”Mens, Womens, and Kidswear” img=”” website=”” facebook=”” mail=””]Lifestyle brand for men, women, and children.[/member][/one_fifth_last]


[one_fifth][member name=”Nancy Troske” role=”Fine Jewelry” img=”” website=”” facebook=””]Individually crafted 22k gold, silver, diamond & gemstone fine jewelry with granulation, cloisonne, fused ancient style chains.[/member][/one_fifth]

[one_fifth][member name=”Ryu Ryu” role=”Womenswear” img=”” website=”” facebook=”” mail=””]RYU RYU offers fresh looks inspired by rich, timeless tradition. Every piece is an infusion of pristine cut, beautiful design and luxurious hand.[/member][/one_fifth]

[one_fifth][member name=”Yoli Rapp” role=”Womenswear and Accessories” img=”” website=”” facebook=”” mail=””]Easy silhouettes of the 70s, metallics, jersey and woven silk fabrics, natural elements and the colors of the sand, sea and nature..[/member][/one_fifth]

[one_fifth][member name=”Mojo Fashions” role=”Kidswear” img=”” website=”” facebook=”” mail=””]Children’s clothing for boys and girls.[/member][/one_fifth]

[one_fifth_last][member name=”Stella Nemiro” role=”Jewelry” img=”” website=”” facebook=”” mail=””]Individually designed jewelry and accessories.[/member][/one_fifth_last]


[one_fifth][member name=”Camilla J Couture” role=”Womenswear” img=”” website=”” facebook=”″ mail=””]One of a kind signature pieces that accentuate your figure perfectly[/member][/one_fifth]

[one_fifth][member name=”Possibility Jewelry” role=”Jewelry” img=”” website=”” facebook=”” mail=””]The in­augural co­llection features cl­ear Lucite­ jewelry, ­engraved i­llustratio­n patterns­, Swarovsk­i crystals­ and velve­t ribbons.[/member][/one_fifth]

[one_fifth][member name=”Alyson Renee” role=”Womenswear” img=”” website=””] A lov­e of natur­e, music, ­fine art a­nd vintage­ design are al­l cor­nerstones ­of the bra­nd’s aesth­etic. [/member][/one_fifth]

[one_fifth][member name=”Local Buttons” role=”Womenswear, Menswear, Accessories” img=”” website=”” facebook=”” mail=””] Clothing serving people and planet. Refined, Refurbished Clothing line designed in Toronto and produced in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.[/member][/one_fifth]

[one_fifth_last][member name=”Linell Ellis” role=”Handbags & Accessories” img=”” website=”” facebook=””] An accessible luxury handbag and accessory collection designed and manufactured in the USA and committed to the luxury experience.[/member][/one_fifth_last]


[one_fifth][member name=”eklexic” role=”Jewelry” img=”” website=”” facebook=”” mail=”INFO@EKLEXIC.COM”]Bold, edgy, glamorous, over the top, and fabulous statement jewelry for men and women.[/member][/one_fifth]

[one_fifth][member name=”Well Kept Bra” role=”Intimate Apparel ” img=”” website=””  mail=””]Intimate apparel for women that is chic, yet functional.[/member][/one_fifth]

[one_fifth_last][member name=”Diamonds Are Evil” role=”Jewelry” img=”” website=”” facebook=”” mail=””] Laser cut Baltic birch plywood jewelry crafted in the USA.[/member][/one_fifth_last]