Line Sheet Template Troubleshooting

Line Sheet Template Troubleshooting and FAQ

If you haven’t already watched the video tutorial below, you might want to start there – it will answers most of your questions.


Q: How do I export a PDF of my line sheet to send to buyers?

A: At the bottom of page 1 is a NEXT button, at the bottom of page 2, select “Generate PDF”.  Click that button and it’ll generate a PDF that you can download.

Q: How can I share an online version of my line sheet template?
A: You can get the sharable link either at the bottom of page 2 (after you hit Next at the bottom of page 1), or you can get the link in your options panel (the link for that is in the top right corner of page 1 of your template)

Q: Can I customize the shareable link?
A: Somewhat – in the options panel, it pre-populates the “company name” area.  You can change this text with anything you like, and that will be come the end of your URL

Q: Can I make more than 1 line sheet without deleting my old one?

A: Yes! In the top grey section, it shows line sheet 1, line sheet 2, etc.  If you want to create additional line sheets for your other lines or other seasons, just select one of those sheets and you can make a new one.

Q: Can I change the text of of any of the lines under the product boxes?

A: Yup! You can change any text that is pre-populated by going into the options panel of your line sheet

Q: Can I change the order of the product boxes after they’ve been added?

A: Yes, on page 2 (after you hit the next button at the bottom of page 1) you can drag and drop the product boxes to set the order you like.  Make sure you press “Save” at the bottom afterward to make sure it saves the changes..


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