Independent Fashion Brand Pamut Apparel Shares What it’s Like to Run a Successful Business

In this episode I’m speaking with Kat Williford, the owner of Pamut Apparel, a brand inspired by the connection between field and garment, with each piece being cut from natural fibers such as organic cotton, linen, and silk.

Kat and I had a fantastic conversation where we discussed:

  • making a change when you’re feeling disconnected from your work
  • key pillars in building a financially successful fashion business
  • running a handmade brand
  • how she’s glad she’s not being featured in a murder podcast!


Kat launched Pamut 4 years ago and her focus had been to transform the natural fabrics of the clothing into something that drapes effortlessly across the human form. Her belief is that all bodies are beautiful and that belief defines what the team at Pamut creates.

All the garments are made in sizes 0-30, with custom sizing available. For an original take on the concept of small-batch clothing, Kat uses both ancient techniques and new technology to block print and dye many of the pieces.

Having started her fashion career as a designer for a popular mall brand, Kat came to realize that she was disconnected from the creative process and in the dark about the ethics behind the brand she was working for. She needed a change.

A move abroad inspired the launch of Pamut and return to her creative roots.

Now back in the US, Kat runs a Pamut full time, having grown it  into a company that can financially support her, a company that educates people about sustainability, and a company that helps contribute to North Carolina’s textile industry.

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