Independent Fashion Brand Nuance Jewelry Shares What it’s Like to Run a Successful Business

Independent Fashion Brand NUANCE JEWELRY Shares What it’s Like to Run a Successful Business

In this episode I’m speaking with Wendee Daelhousen, the owner and designer of Nuance Jewelry, a woman-owned jewelry brand that domestically designs and manufactures high-quality fashion jewelry.

Wendee  and I had a fantastic conversation where we discussed:

  • Shifting the consumer’s mindset to appreciate and value sustainability in fashion
  • Building relationships with all the people and small businesses that are involved in producing your products
  • And a different take on wholesale that not too many independent brands think about but can be really lucrative.


Nuance Jewelry, which was founded 9 years ago,  is carried in over 100 stores across the US and Canada and has been featured in O Magazine and  InStyle, among others and seen on several hit-shows such as: Hart of Dixie, Pretty Little Liars, Revenge, and Riverdale.

Prior to launching Nuance, Wendee worked as a jewelry designer for large retailers like Anthropologie Disney, and Country Living.

Now, through Nuance Jewelry she runs a business that stands for quality, sustainability, beauty and community.

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