Independent Fashion Brand Lobo Mau Shares What it’s Like to Run a Successful Business

Independent Fashion Brand lobo mau Shares What it’s Like to Run a Successful Business

In this episode I’m speaking with Nicole and Jordan Haddad, the sister-brother team behind Lobo Mau, clothing line specializing in innovative textile design.

Nicole, Jordan, and I had fantastic conversation about:

  • Approaching  sustainability in fashion without getting stuck in perfectionism.
  • The process of building a team
  • Why it’s important to connect with your local community
  • And what’s it’s been like opening and running a flagship store


Lobo Mau, which was founded 13 years ago, is rooted in slow fashion values. It’s a zero-waste company that works with local factories and silk screens its original textiles in-house with careful consideration of its social and environmental impact on the world.

After being named Philadelphia Magazine’s Best of Philly in sustainability in 2019, Lobo Mau took this momentum to open its flagship store in Queen Village, Philadelphia, carrying other like-minded designers and furthering the brand’s slow-fashion ethos.

The brand also has plans to expand into the homegoods market.

Nicole founded Lobo Mau after completing her Master’s in Fashion Design from Drexel University. It became an instant hit with the women of Philadelphia, and she has since cultivated close relationships with her customers.

Jordan gained his professional business development experience in the engineering & manufacturing staffing industry.  After 4 years in the corporate world, Jordan went back to his small business roots and joined forces with Nicole, modeling their parents, who are Brazilian Jazz musicians and run a small business of their own.

Jordan joined Lobo Mau in 2016 and has since tripled company revenue and tripled their internal team.

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