Fashion Retailer Database

One of the most important and difficult aspects of running a successful fashion label is getting your work into boutiques. Store owners are ever more reluctant to overbuy, worried they’ll be stuck holding a stock room full of pieces that never sold.

We know it’s difficult; taking a good bit of research to find boutiques that stock emerging designers on their shelves, not just well knowns.  In light of this we have started to create a database of fashion boutiques around the US that stock emerging and independent labels.

The listings are separated by city and we are constantly adding new shops as we learn about them. We include the address, phone number, and website of the boutiques.  This is an effort on our part to take some of the time consuming research out of sourcing retailers.



Our boutique database is now part of our online community. It’s a big list and it’s updated regularly so it’s worth becoming a member to access it. Check it out!