Having a fashion business is damn hard.

But it’s not impossible. We believe that designers can do things differently and we encourage them to approach their businesses on their own terms, by deciding what path they want to take and deciding which rules to break in order to get there. There isn’t just one way to succeed in the fashion business and we work to remind them of that every day.

We are on a mission to help fashion designers thrive while doing what they love.

And we are always looking to introduce our community to other businesses who on are on that same mission.

What We Do:

StartUp FASHION is a community, resource, and support system that helps independent with starting, maintaining, and growing their fashion businesses.

We love working with partners who have the same outlook on life and business, to create dynamic online experiences for introducing what you do to our audience of over 50,000 independent designers.

From storytelling blog articles and smart infographics to branded digital downloads and live event coverage, we design ideas and strategies that cut through the cyber crap and share a clear message and point of view.

If you are interested in reaching and connecting with our amazing fashion entrepreneurs, let’s have a conversation.

Email Nicole Giordano.


The unsolicited comment that made us blush the most…

I can always count on StartUp FASHION to be on the forefront of every important aspect of running my fashion business… following you helps me stay abreast on things that I wouldn’t even know existed. I thank you on so many levels for all of your hard work and dedication to keeping emerging designers such as myself, motivated and ready!”