Five Reasons Why Every Fashion Designer Should Have a Blog

Tory Burch blog

The importance of starting a blog as an independent fashion designer is based around a solid way to tell your story, drive traffic to your website, and allow your brand to grow a loyal fan base while allowing for a deeper look into the brand.

Lets take a closer look on why your brand should have a blog…

Create Awareness

Creating regular and consistent content and publishing out to your social channels can create awareness for your brand. The key is to have content that is valuable to your audience whether it be “how-to”, tips, expert advice, highlighting your products through lifestyle content, or a blend of content types.

That awareness will then lead to sharing of content on your fans’ channels for greater awareness, and in turn can drive traffic to your site for your products.

Drive Traffic

Your content, which will be engaging through multi-media such as photos and videos of your lines, can drive traffic through SEO (taking advantage of keywords and tags) as well as from referrals, influencers, and your loyal audience. Your blog can easily become the vehicle that leads traffic right to your products – whether it be your current or future fashion line.

Engage your Audience

Content that is valuable to your audience can make your audience a community around your content. People can comment, like, share, and talk to one another about their thoughts around the content. If used properly through hashtags and social channels, people can continue the conversation and you can continue with them.

Show Your Expertise

Give an inside look into how you came to be, how your designs are so fabulous, and visualize it through photos and video content. Tory Burch is known for showing herself through her social media and content…and it works. Fashion audiences love an inside look into the brands and especially when they get to become a special part of the experience.

Gain a Loyal Following

If you continue to put consistent effort into your content, diversify it, target it, and make it a part of who your fashion brand is, then the following is only steps away. Just look at Toms Shoes – their fans eat up their pictures, posts, and content that gives an inside look into their shoes as well as their social efforts.

Tom's Shoes blog

Next step – create a content strategy on what your blog content should and could look like that is particular to your audience and marketing/business goals.

Stay tuned for tips on how to build a content strategy for your blog…

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