The Fashion Business Plan Tool Kit


You’ve been thinking about your idea for a while now and probably have bit and pieces of it in notebooks, in Google Docs, in the Note app on your phone. 

But you haven’t take the time to sit down and figure out:

  • What you’re launching
  • Why you’re launching it
  • Who you’re launching it for
  • How you’ll launch it
  • How much money you’ll need and how you’re going to pay for it

It’s time to answer the question, “where do I start?!”

This toolkit will help you get your fashion business idea out of your head and onto paper!

Everything you get:

  • Map Out Your Fashion Business Plan Workbook
  • Create Your Financial Plan Workbook
  • Prepare a Success Launch Plan Workbook
  • Business Basics Checklist
  • StartUp Expenses Checklist 
  • Monthly Business Planner Workbook 
  • Funding Options Checklist


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