How to Grow Your Fashion Brand’s Pinterest Channel

Pinterest Tips for Fashion Brands

There have been many articles, tips and advice, and general how-to guides out there for why your brand should have a presence on Pinterest. As the third largest social media channel after Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is a great channel for brands within visual industries to use as a tool for creating an online community. As a designer you can create boards to showcase your collections, design inspiration, and other topics that fit your brand identity.

So now that you’ve set up a Pinterest account and have started to pin away, what are some things that you can do to grow your brand’s Pinterest channel?

Pinterest Tips for Fashion Brands

Follow Others

It seems almost too simple, but by following other users you’ll get your name out there a lot quicker. The activity feed on the left side of your pin feed is a key feature for Pinterest.

Whether you are dedicating five minutes a day or five hours a day (we know, it’s addicting), you can see who’s following you and pinning with you in real time. Why not interact with them while you know that they are online at the same time? Follow, re-pin, or leave a comment on a pin to start a relationship. Social media is, after all, about starting two-way conversations.

Pinterest Tips for Fashion Brands

Create a Cohesive Design

There are millions of Pinterest users out there, so make your page stand out. As a designer you have created a certain brand identity already from your logo and website design to your overall design aesthetic. Make sure your Pinterest page reflects a cohesive design by being creative with your board names, board themes and board cover images.

Pinterest Tips for Fashion Brands

Join Group Boards

Getting invited to group boards is perhaps one of the most successful ways to grow your Pinterest following. Group boards are boards set up by the original user who then invites others to pin to the same board.

Often times group boards have tens of thousands of users following the board, meaning that once you start pinning, the number of eyeballs on your pins increases exponentially. Find users that have high follower accounts who offer invites on their group boards, which are identifiable by the little icon in the top right side of the board.

Growing a community on any social network doesn’t happen overnight. Be patient and consistent with your activity on Pinterest and you’ll soon see results.

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Kathleen Ong

Kathleen comes from a background in public relations, marketing, and social media in the New York, London, Toronto and Vancouver fashion industries. Find her working at Wantering, a fashion tech startup which scours the web to find the latest fashion trends tailored to your personal style and delivers them straight to your inbox.

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